Crazy! These two 1 million used Samsung cellphones are strong for playing PUBG Mobile

Screenshot of playing PUBG Mobile game on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

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Screenshot of playing PUBG Mobile game on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

GridGames.ID – Lately, the gadget giant from South Korea, Samsung, is known to often release smartphones with qualified specifications for playing games.

However, because the price is not yet friendly in the pockets of many people, not a few users decide to look for a used Samsung cellphone that is cheap but also effective for gaming activities.

Especially, users usually look for smartphones that can play popular android games such as PUBG Mobile.

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Of the several options available, it is the cheapest used Samsung cellphone which will certainly be the choice of many users.

Used Samsung cellphones with the cheapest prices that can play PUBG Mobile games are narrowed down to two smartphone names, namely Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4.

Currently, the market price of the two smartphones is around Rp. 1 million.

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Despite having a low price tag, in fact the two old smartphones are also not inferior to new smartphones in terms of the ability to play PUBG Mobile games.

Then, what are the specifications of the two smartphones so that you can say they are still strong for playing PUBG Mobile games?


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