Crazy! PUBG has sold a total of 70 million copies on PC, Xbox One and PS4

GridGames.ID – The popularity of games with battle-royale seems to continue to grow.

This time, PUBG, which has been released for 3 years, has sold 70 million copies.

The funny thing is, the calculation does not include the very popular mobile version.

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Reporting from GamesIndustry, the sale includes PC, Xbox One, and PS4 versions.

PUBG sales have slowed since its Early Access debut in early 2022.



PUBG Corp reported 50 million sales in June 2022.

But nowadays, strong free-to-play competitors like Fortnite and Apex Legends are making PUBG games even more popular.

On the other hand, PUBG Mobile is progressing rapidly, because this game has accumulated 400 million downloads with 50 million active users every day.

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