Crazy! Fall Guys Sold Over 10 Million Copies In 3 Months

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

GridGames.ID – The surprising news comes from one of the most popular last-man-standing games from Mediatonic, Fall Guys.

The reason is, the funny and interesting game has sold more than 10 million copies on Steam.

This figure was achieved in just three months. Goks!

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Fall Guys itself was released on August 4th, and within the first few weeks, the game became a burning popularity among gamers and streamers alike.

Game Fall Guys

Game Fall Guys

The game became popular probably because they gave it away for free on PS Plus users in August.

This is believed to be a brilliant start to see if the game can be accepted by players.

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This week, Unity has released some statistical data in its third quarter report.

They mentioned Fall guys sold over 10 million copies on Steam and remains the number one most downloaded game on PS Plus to date.

Mediatonic has collaborated with Unity in working on this game, and uses Unity’s Operate Solution to run the game.

In the initial phase of the game’s release, Fall Guys players did experience a lot of hacker problems and downed servers.

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However, Mediatonic immediately hooked up with Easy Anti-Cheat to find the best way or solution.

Fortunately, until now no serious hacker reports have been found.

Fall Guys is currently available on PS4 and PC via Steam, and the game is priced at USD 19.99 (equivalent to Rp. 280 thousand).


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