Crazy! Bigetron RA Immediately Wins in the 2022 International Champions Cup

GridGamesID – All of you must be very familiar with this esports team.

Currently Bigetron is arguably one of the biggest teams in Indonesia.

Some time ago, Bigetron’s PUBGM division even managed to enter the top 5 at the PMCO 2022 event.

Well, recently Bigetron announced a new roster line for the PUBGM division after the abandonment of one of its flagships, BTR Natic.

The replacement for BTR Natic ​​is Nizar Lugatio aka BTR Microboy from the BTR ION team. Nizar officially plays with the Bigetron eSports core team, even the BTR core team will change to Bigetron RA PUBG Mobile division.

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Not long after that, Bigetron RA immediately made his international debut by appearing in the International Champions Cup Southeast Asia.

Unmitigated, Bigetron RA immediately became the champion in the event.

Bigetron’s Instagram account also noted that Bigetron RA managed to get Chicken Dinner 3 times in a row.

Bigetron RA won their first international tournament.

Bigetron RA won their first international tournament.


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