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LIMAPAGI – The South Sulawesi Provincial Government will need around 500 to 600 computers this year to conduct Basic Skills Selection (SKD) for Civil Servant Candidates (CPNS).

“Since we will be providing facilities for several other regions, there will also be a lot of computer needs for the later examination. At least 500 to 600 computer units for one session, ”said the head of the Regional Personnel Agency (BKD) South Sulawesi Imran. Jauzi in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Thursday July 1, 2022.

Because of these conditions, the South Sulawesi Provincial Government needs a large site to accommodate the number of computers in use.

“That’s why we rent the Makassar CCC building, because if the exam only takes place at UPT BKN, it can only hold 100 to 200 computers,” he said again.

To meet the need for computers, the provincial government will borrow from several schools that have computer facilities. Even if it’s not enough, it rents the computer.

“We will use what we have, we will also borrow something from the schools, if it is not enough we will rent it,” he said.

This is done so that the implementation of the SKD planned from 25 August to 4 October 2022 can go well.

For the mechanism for implementing the SKD-CPNS during the Covid-19 pandemic, he admitted that the National Authority for the Public Service (BKN) regulated its permanent protocol (Protap). So all you have to do is stick to the rules as best you can.

“We will definitely keep the health protocol. We will also protect ourselves from possible jockey fraud. So we want to be protected from their health, we also want to be more presentable and professional and there will be no more jockeys, ”he said.

Previously, he said, the provincial government of South Sulawesi will work with 10 governments and cities to conduct the basic skills test. Among them are Makassar City, Sinjai Regency, Bulukumba, Bantaeng, Takalar, Wajo and Bone. In addition, it is also used for test sites from several federal states that belong to area IV BKN.

For your information, registration for CPNS for the Province of South Sulawesi will begin on Wednesday June 30, 2022 (today) on the official BKN website sscasn.bkn.go.id. The registration process takes 15 days or until July 14, 2022 at

The provincial government of South Sulawesi has 412 trainings with a division of 136 health workers and 276 technical staff. In the training of state employees with company agreements (PPPK), however, the teachers remained the same with 8,371 training courses.

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