CPNS 2022 vacancies are open, Want to be an ASN or work in the Game Industry

CPNS 2022 or Career in the Game Industry

For young people or those who have just graduated from college, it is appropriate to yearn to work in either a private or state company. But of course it will be very prestigious if you are able to penetrate the 2022 CPNS, which on October 25, 2022 will reportedly be announced in detail for registration and the formation that is opened. But now the times have changed, because there are other job options for work, a career in the game industry is one of them.

There are many opportunities for both men and women to have a career in the gaming industry. Unfortunately, many people think that the gaming industry is only dominated by professional players from certain games that have a competitive scene. In fact, if you want to explore it further, the game industry has many types of jobs that require qualified skills and abilities. Even though there are many online game media that discuss jobs in the game industry, it’s a good idea to also inform all mobileague friends.

Types of jobs in the Indonesian Game Industry

The following are some examples of jobs that you can find in the gaming industry in general.

CPNS 2022 or a career in the game
CPNS 2022 or a career in the game
  • Programmer are those who translate programming languages ‚Äč‚Äčinto a series that we can play with today
  • Illustrator (2D / 3D Artist) handles all visual production, especially in games
  • Game Designer which can also be called the creative team of a game. They create storylines and game mechanics, as well as other trivia stuff..
  • Gamer Influence are those who build an image on social media to become a KOL aka key opinion leader with a niche game. Usually they have a lot of followers so they are looking for brands and vendors in the industry.
  • Live streamer are those who play games and get paid. But indeed not everyone can be successful because they have to be good at interacting with the audience
  • Shout caster games Understanding the mechanics of a game thoroughly is a must for a shoutcaster. So that when being a commentator a match can be enjoyed easily by the audience.
  • Game analyst almost the same as the shout caster game, but more to the mechanics of a game for discussion
  • Content Creator is a term for those who usually make videos, articles or podcasts from games and publish them on social media or special websites
  • Game Tester are those who work to find bugs in a game that is usually still in the testing stage
  • Event Organizer Specifically, it has developed into the realm of esports, so many EOs have emerged that focus on the realm of game competition.
  • Talent Agency as a shelter for gamers, live streamers, professional players, and others.
  • Professional Gamer/player are those who dedicate their abilities to be in the competitive scene. Of course, after going through various kinds of evidence
  • Coach will train not only the mental and tactics of the players in an esports team, but also have to pay attention to physical strength / stamina as well
  • Team Manager In addition to the coach, a manager must take care of something, starting from work contracts, events, tournaments and other things
  • Community Manager are those who manage the community of a company, or brand from the online and offline side
  • Journalist / Editor in a media that discusses games is quite loved today, even you can start from being a contributor to a media game easily.

Those are some jobs that can be your choice if you are interested in the game industry and many other jobs.

Reasons that haunt the mind

Actually, if you choose to register or try to be serious in a job, regardless of what the job is, there will be lots of reasons that are sure to haunt your mind. Especially in the game industry, which is still young. Will you succeed at the job, will your parents be happy and proud of your work, will you be able to last long in the job and millions of other things that make you sleep not full, eat not calm.

But if you choose to join the 2022 CPNS later, you will also be haunted by many things too, that’s for sure. One is whether you will pass, and whether other people are not cheating. Is the problem difficult, this year if you fail, what if you try again next year. That’s just at the stage of accepting new employees, not to mention the temptations and trials when they enter. So it’s actually the same thing, it’s just a matter of how you react to it

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