Court Rejects Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple, what’s the fate of Fortnite?

GridGames.ID – Fortnite is threatened with not being able to re-release on iOS devices due to a court decision between Epic Games vs Apple.

The United States federal court for the district of California recently announced its ruling on the Epic Games vs Apple issue.

The court’s decision stated that Epic Games must pay Apple $3.6 million for its actions that enforce third-party payments outside the application.

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The losses suffered by Epic Games on the results of the trial verdict are still insignificant compared to Apple.

A California federal court ruled that the state government was required to enact regulations to prevent the App Store from pursuing a monopolistic business model.

The court also ruled that developers would later be allowed to include self-payment mechanisms in their applications.

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If the ruling is enforced, Apple automatically loses much of its profits from the 30% ‘tax’ they apply to every transaction within the App Store app.

Then, what is the fate of Fortnite on iOS devices? See the explanation on the next page.


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