Corona Virus Is the Cause of the 2022 Taipei Game Show Schedule

GridGames.ID – Some time ago Blizzard just announced the cancellation of the 2022 Overwatch League tournament in China due to the corona virus.

Now it’s the turn of the game awarding event titled Taipei Game Show 2022 which has to postpone their event schedule.

Of course, the corona virus was the reason for the 2022 Taipei Game Show to decide this.

This announcement was made directly by the Taipei Game Show through their official Twitter social media account.

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“Based on the advice of the WHO which has declared an emergency over the coronavirus outbreak, we have decided to postpone the 2022 Taipei Game Show until next summer,” the tweet read.

The Taipei Game Show plans to postpone their event schedule until next summer.

However, for now they can not provide exact details and will announce it in the near future.

The Taipei Game Show itself was originally scheduled to take place from May 6-9, 2022.

Reporting from, the Taipei Game Show this time will reward various nominees.


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