Cool! Netmarble Presents the Latest Update Trailer for Seven Knights

July Update Seven Knights


July Update Seven Knights

GridGames.ID – The Seven Knights Mobile RPG game developed by Netmarble has new news!

Seven Knights will present Mythical Awaken in the upcoming July update.

Mythical Awaken is the highest level of Awaken and Mythical Awaken Hero will get new skills and appearance.

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There are two heroes who will first get the benefits of Mythical Awaken, namely Dellons and Shane.

Not only these two heroes, Seven Knights will also add another Hero with Mythical Awaken which will be announced later.

The Growth system for existing heroes will experience a drastic update in this July update.

Besides Mythical Awaken, Final Enhance is also available and free for all of you.

You can also use the Limit Break system with Gold and strengthen it with Soul Essence.

The maximum level for newly owned Heroes can also be increased to Level 40, you know!

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Netmarble will also celebrate the update and the Seven Knights Month with various interesting events that you can join, guys!

One of them, you can get abundant rewards by playing the Special Jumping Check-in Board content.

After that, Netmarble will also hold a Check-in Event as a form of celebration of Seven Knights Month.


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