Cool! Nerf Releases Halo Game-Inspired Toy Gun

GridGames.ID – One of the well-known toy brands from the United States, will release a new series of products.

This new product is inspired by a game with a military background story developed by the company 343 Industries.

Nerf has indeed launched several products that take themes based on games.

Previously, they had presented a Nerf Rival ball-blasting toy weapon that had a design similar to that of Soldier 76 in the Overwatch game.

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Hasbro’s trademark has also sold 8 toy guns from their collaboration with Fortnite.

Most recently, Nerf will soon launch its newest toy weapon as a result of a collaboration with the game Halo.

Reporting from Gamesport, Nerf plans to present 3 variants of weapons with the Halo theme that can be purchased at all Nerf stores.

The first toy weapon that will be released is the MA40 which is in the latest series of Halo Infinite games.

Nerf Toy Guns with Halo theme

Nerf Toy Guns with Halo theme

The MA40 is equipped with 10 darts and 4 Type C batteries which are priced at $50.

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