Cool! Must See Video Clip Erase Your Tracks This PUBG Mobile Version

PUBG version of 'Erase Your Tracks' video clip

Twitter / RahmetAbabil

PUBG version of ‘Erase Your Tracks’ video clip

GridGames.ID – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile or PUBG Mobile is currently one of the most popular games, especially since its appearance on smartphones.

PUBG’s worldwide popularity has also inspired many people to create something creative.

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Like someone making PUBG-themed pre-wedding photos, until there are legislative candidates who take advantage of PUBG’s popularity as their slogan.

Then recently, someone made a PUBG version of the music video for the song “Erase Your Footsteps” from Peterpan.

This video has been circulating on the internet after it was uploaded by a young Indonesian comedian, Rahmet Hidayat or better known as Rahmet Ababil, through his Twitter account.

Similar to the iconic original video clip, played by the beautiful artist Dian Sastro and the vocalist Peterpan, Ariel.

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The video shows two boys and girls walking together, where the girl imitates the boy’s movements wherever he goes.

I don’t know who originally made this video, but his efforts deserve a thumbs up. So creative!


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