Cool! Here’s the Form of the Nike x PS5 Shoes Just Released

GridGames.ID – Recently, the public was shocked by the presence of a sneaker-type sports shoe titled Nike x PS5.

The presence of these shoes is a little big is a contribution to the creation of a collaboration between Sony and Nike.

This collaboration is the first time for the two companies, especially for Sony which is the first time they take part in the shoe industry.

Therefore, it is not unmitigated that Sony immediately cooperates with Nike in presenting the special edition shoes.

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As the name suggests, these shoes will take inspiration from the PS5 game console design.

The decision to take the PS5 design reference is also inseparable from the popularity of the game console, which is currently still quite high.

Therefore, Sony, who wanted to enliven the festivities, invited Nike to release a special edition Nike x PS5 shoe.

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Then, how is the design of this Nike x PS5 shoe?


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