Cool! Here it is from Dev Letter: Matchmaking System Update PUBG PC

GridGames.ID – PlayerUnknown`s Battleground is a Battle Royale genre game that can be played on PC.

PUBG PC can be played using a account.

If you want to play PUBC PC you have to buy a PUBG game license through a steam wallet.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground improved the matchmaking system which yesterday had difficulty finding a suitable server.

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This caused some players to be lagging because they were thrown to different servers and some regions experienced very long waiting times to enter the match.

Daegum Kim is a PUBG Matchmaking System Development.

“The goal of improving the Matchmaking system is to maximize the Battle Royale experience for players, providing a fair playing field with a sense of competitiveness allowing players to focus on the thrilling experience of defending and fighting.” Daegum Kim said.

  • Matchmaking system update directions.

1. Map selection (Specific Region)

2. Mode Selection

3. Region Selection

4. Improved matchmaking system based on Latency


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