Cool! Charging Mi 7 No Need to Use Cables!

Recently, one of China’s electronics giants, Xiaomi, officially joined Wireless Power Consortium. Wireless Power Consortium is a consortium formed to encourage the adoption of wireless charging aka wireless charging standard one QI in the commercial market.

This gave rise to a lot of news speculation that said Xiaomi will implement features wireless charging on the series flagship “Mi”. In fact, this is reinforced by a statement from the side Wireless Power Consortium.

“Very likely Xiaomi preparing for launch smartphone new with support wireless charging,” he said. It even indicates the first device Xiaomi which uses wireless charging is Mi 7. However, party Xiaomi still ‘stingy’ talk about this. As reported from AndroidAuthority.

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Technology wireless charging is known to be popular since 2012, when Nokia and Google release smartphone with that feature. Samsung and LG are two brands that are increasingly popularizing this feature. Even recently, Apple also down using this feature on smartphone latest.

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Xiaomi has been known as a “market destroyer” who likes to bring smartphone qualified specifications but the price is low. If Mi 7 it is equipped with a wireless charging feature, how much will it cost? Xiaomi yes? Very interesting to wait.

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