Convert chats to text files on LINE Android

LINE, as one of the competitors in the social media field, always offers its users convenience, both in chat, in business, in entertainment and with the latest content always available on their developed applications.

One of the newest features added by LINE is the convenience of users to access the conversation history and share it in text format. Later, the history of conversations held on the LINE platform can be converted into a text file, including all information shared in the conversation.

In this article we are going to convert the chat history (/ conversations) to a text file platform MANAGEMENT.


1. Go inside Chat personal and Group chat that you want to convert data Chat-his. Then, Click on Navigation Options that’s at the top of the page Chat.

2. In the navigation options, Select setting option marked with the gear logo (and its options are at the bottom).

3. On the chat settings page, Select the Send Chat History option. Later story Chat which we want are converted to a text file and sent via third party media or to. sent platform separate LINE.

4. Select the option to send text files according to our requirements. If we want to personally access text files, we can use Google Drive or LINE Keep Media to access previously created text files. If not, we may send the files through third party media or platform MANAGEMENT.

5. When we open the text file we created, the text file will later contain a history of conversations between LINE users, including the names and contents of the messages sent.

This is a tutorial on how to change Chat to a text file on LINE Android. Hope it’s useful.

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