Contra Mobile is ready to invite you to reminisce with Bill and Lance

Tencent Games and Konami are reworking the game Contra, which was quite popular at the time, and will be published on the mobile platform. Of course, later it will be equipped with various features that usually exist in online games in general. The main feature to look forward to is the Co-op online game feature, where we will finish the war together with other players at the same time. In addition, other features such as daily events, weapon upgrades, special skills, level system, and RNG will certainly be coming soon.

Some of these features, the side scrolling display, consecutive enemy attacks, a hail of bullets, original maps and enemies from the previous game series, to the Bill and Lance characters, are brought back as additional classic elements in the contra mobile game.

Judging from the trailer and gameplay, Bill and Lance will not be alone this time, Contra mobile will add 5 playable characters. Two female characters and one wolf character will be present. Let’s see what the video is like, and just comment on your opinion.

In Contra Mobile, you will not die easily because each character has an HP Bar that appears on the screen.

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