Congratulations! Zuxxy BTR Wins Esports Mobile Player of the Year Award

GridGames.ID – One of professional player PUBG Mobile Indonesia, Made ‘Zuxxy’ Bagas won the Esports Mobile Player of the Year award according to the 2022 Esports Awards.

The flagship roster of Bigetron Red Aliens (BTR RA) successfully beat other top names in the same category.

Starting from Code ‘SurgicalGoblin’, Mortal, to his own brother, Made ‘Luxxy’ Bagus.

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“Many friends have supported Zuxxy and become one of the Esports Mobile Player of the Year,” said Zuxxy via uploading his personal Instagram Stories.

Zuxxy is the only athlete from Indonesia who is able to win the 2022 Esports Awards.

The player who plays the role of Co-Leader and Observer in BTR RA is indeed worthy of the title.

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Together with BTR RA, he has presented many titles, including the PUBG Mobile world champion in 2022.

Besides Zuxxy, the 2022 Esports Awards also give awards to other esports players.

For the Esports Team of the Year category, for example, which was won by Team Secret.

Then, there were also awards for Esports PC Player of the Year which was won by Nisha, and Esports Console Player of the Year which was won by Shotzzy.

For more details, you can see all the winners of the Esports Awards 2022 here.

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Bigetron Red Aliens

Bigetron Esports

Bigetron Red Aliens

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Zuxxy, who is able to partner with these big names, is proof that Indonesian esports is increasingly soaring.

Zuxxy’s victory is expected to motivate other esports athletes to display their maximum abilities.

That way, it is not impossible that in the future there will be more names of Indonesian esports athletes who are able to speak on the international stage.


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