Complete Passport Making Fees (Along With The Latest 2022 Prices)

In order to be able to travel abroad, of course you must have an important document that must be brought, namely a passport.

If you don’t have it, then you should make the Passport. But have you ever thought, how much does it cost to make a passport in 2022?

Curious about the price? Come on, see more in this article.

Price List of New Passport Fees

Passport Fee

List of Passport Fees

Many people do not have a passport, because they think the cost of making a passport is very expensive.

Not to mention that no one is sure about the exact price of manufacture Passport and fear of illegal levies.

Even though you don’t need to be afraid of being cheated, because you can see true and accurate information about the cost of making a passport from a trusted source.

One reliable source is directly from the immigration office, or you can check it on the website of your local immigration office, for example the South Jakarta Immigration Office website.

On the site explained the cost for making a passport in full. Well, here’s review rates make a Passport as well as the type of Passport and its validity period.

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Complete Table of Passport Making Fees 2022

Since 2022, the Government through the Directorate General of Immigration has categorized passports into 2 types, namely ordinary passports and e-passports (electronic passports).

Of course, the two passports have different prices or rates, guys. For more details You can see in the following table.

Ordinary Passport

e-Passport (Electronic Passport)

This is the list of passport fees. This data is summarized based on the Immigration Office website, if at any time there is a change in fees or others, you may be able to directly ask the Immigration Office Officer.

Oh yes, in the data mentioned earlier, there are 2 types of passports mentioned, ordinary passports and e-passports. Do you know the difference between ordinary Passport and e-Passport?

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Difference between Passport and e-Passport

Passport Difference

Difference Between Regular Passport and e-Passport

The main striking difference between the two Passports is the chip. Where e-Passport has a chip that ordinary Passport does not have.

The contents of the chip itself display more complete information such as fingerprints and face shapes that you can’t get on regular passports.

In addition, when examined, the two passports are different. If you use a regular passport, you have to open it to check it, while if you use an e-Passport, you can simply scan it without opening it.

E-Passport is arguably more special. Because several countries in the world free Visa for their e-Passport users. As for ordinary passports, visas are needed to come to a country.

Table of Differences between Ordinary Passport and e-Passport

Although quite superior, it turns out that e-Passport also has weaknesses, namely if chips If the e-Passport is damaged, it cannot be used anymore.

Now you know the price, the difference between an ordinary Passport and an e-Passport, but do you know it? how long can the Passport be used?

Passport Validity

Passport Validity

Validity period

Although there are quite striking differences, it turns out that ordinary passports and e-passports have the same grace period.

Validity period for regular passports and e-passports is 5 years, starting from the date the passport was issued.

Then what if the validity period of the passport will expire? The trick is to extend the Passport.

Well, that’s the complete list of passport fees in 2022. Now you know what it costs to make a passport, right?

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