Complete options for creating video subtitles on PC / laptop

If you have a video and you think the video is too low or not clear, you can add it subtitle on the video. Added a subtitle in the video it’s actually easy, but you have to be careful and patient with it subtitle with sound can fit.

In this tutorial, the author shares a tutorial on adding subtitle in the video, here the author used Software/Other applications are Aegisub and FormatFactory. If your laptop / pc has low spec, you don’t have to worry because software It’s small so it won’t put a strain on your laptop.

How to Create Subtitles and Add Subtitles to Videos on PC / Laptop.


1. Download before software Aegisub, there are 2 versions, namely the 32bit and 64bit if your laptop or PC then uses a 64bit Windows OS download that is 64bit, if 32bit then download that is 32bit.

Download Aegisub

If you don’t know how to find out if your laptop is 64-bit and 32-bit, see: How To Find Out The Build Version On Windows

2. Open software Aegisub, then click on the video menu (1), select open minded Video (2) then you look for which video we want to add subtitle.

3. In this phase you determine which part you will appear in subtitle, see right, there I give an arrow (1) to select which part should appear subtitle, please just slide, and to make sure that the selected area is correct, please try to check that I have marked the logo (2) there play the red color means to play the video while the black box is for it stop or Break.

4. The phase of choosing which parts should appear subtitle done, then we type or write the words in the column as in the picture.

5. In the next step we adjust first fontClick on Edit (1) and then adjust the font shape and size font, bold, italic, (2), if so, click OK (3).

6. In the last step, click the checkmark button.

7. To see the results, swipe left and you can play the video.

8. Repeat steps from numbers 3, 4, and 7 until you have finished giving subtitle on the video and if so, it’s up to you to save press CTRL + S.

9. We only have to combine the last stage subtitle with the video we do this way subtitle and video merging (hard under).

Here we need software additionally, namely FormatFactory, software It is compatible with Windows XP / 7/8/10 (66 MB file size).

Download Factory format

If you have download just install software-his.

10. Open software FormatFactory, choose MP4 (1) (here the author choose MP4 because the video format is MP4, if your video is MKV format choose MKV) then click Add file (2) and select the video we used to create earlier Softsub on aegisub.

11. Click on Output settings (1), scroll go down, look for the text Additional subtitles (srt; ass; ssa) (2) Then click the three dots in the corner, enter Softsub which we created earlier in aegisub don’t forget to change ASS Fonts Color (3) becomes NO, at last we simply click OK (4).

12. And you click OK again.

13. Click the button begin, then later the merge process subtitle With the video running, you just have to wait, faster or longer process depending on the duration of the video.

14. When the process is finished, you can check the results directly, click the folder logo to find out where the video results are saved.

15. And now we’ve done it subtitle just with the format hard under or subtitle merged with the video.

That’s a complete tutorial on how to do it subtitle and added subtitle on the video on your pc / laptop, hopefully it will be useful.

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