Complete description of the latest Mobile Legends (ML) 1.5.44 patch January 5, 2022

A complete description of the latest 1.5.44 patch update for Mobile Legends (ML), May 5, 2022!

The latest Mobile Legends (ML) update patch arrived today as a patch version on May 5, 2022. 1.5.44 Here is a complete summary of SPINE sports!

Previously, this patch was Moonton’s first patch presented in early 2022 and then patch 2 on May 12th.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Latest Patch May 2022

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Hero buff


In this patch, Alpha has been buffed many times by Moonton.

  • Skill 2 Alpha, basic damage from strike ~ 350 ~ 500..
  • Base HP regen finished 125-250..
  • And some fixes Existing bug In alpha.


  • Basic energy recovery from 3 becomes 5..
  • Total renewable energy when on the wall 8 becomes 10..


Especially for Enhanced Clint Skill 2 including:

  • Become cool down 8 to 6.5 seconds course.
  • You can now use this skill to penetrate thicker walls.


  • Cooldown from skill 1 to skill 1 7 seconds..
  • Damage rate to minions from Skill 2-60%..

Nerv Hero

Mobile Legends vng Vietnam
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  • Reduces Ultimate Claude’s base damage from each hit Therefore, 100-130 only-1..


  • Basic damage from a full-charge passive basic attack Reduced from 50 to 0..
  • Damage reduction rate Minions to 50%..
  • Basic damage from Skill 1 is only 50-150..

Hero adjustment


  • Adjusted the base damage of skill 1 So it’s 200-550 and the physical attack bonus is 125%...

Luo Y Yi

  • Passive Base reaction damage 400..
  • Bonus magic power 190%..

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Battlefield adjustment

  • Siege minion wave (Rear minion cart) To increase Physical defense thickness is 0 to 4 And His magic defense is 0 to 3..
  • Siege minion wave (Most rear cart minions) To increase Physical attack will also be 25 Of 15.
  • If the base turret is destroyed in one of the lanes, your opponent’s minions will increase. Physical attack from 30 15.
  • A wave minion that has grown due to the road being knocked down, Physical attack power of large minions also increased from 19.6 to 33..

This is one of the key updates for the May 5th patch. The winning team can easily push the enemy by destroying the base or lord’s turret. The damage of minions and siege attacks is much greater, making it more difficult for teams to lose and survive.

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