Come on! Meet Hero Common Brawl Stars, Battle Royale Supercell

Brawl Stars New Supercell Game

Brawl Stars New Supercell Game

GridGames.ID – Brawl Stars has been released here Google Play Store and App Store where games battle royale it’s played 3 vs. 3.

Games battle royale This game is unique because the graphics of the game are colorful and like in a cartoon.

Heroes in Brawl Stars There are also a variety of skills that can be obtained if you fulfill them trophy.

Types of heroes in Brawl Star This also varies from general, rare, super rare, epic, mythic, until legendary.

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Let’s get acquainted with 8 common heroes first Braw Stars this:

1. Shelly

Shelly, common hero in Brawl Stars

Shelly, common hero in Brawl Stars

Shelly is the first hero you get the first time download the game and players will be invited to follow tutorials with this game

Shelly’s main weapon is shotgun very good at distance mid and movement speed doi is 720.

Shelly is the best at overcoming obstacles when friends are in trouble, you know and can make enemies knockback.

Shelly’s ultimatum is to give four bullets at once to the opponent, don’t you dare go near Shelly, okay?

2. Nita

Nita Brawl Stars

Nita Brawl Stars

Nita is a hero you can say tank here because it’s really good to help friends when war.

This hero can be obtained after getting 15 trophy league you know and the power can give attack many times over.

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Movement speed what Nita has is 720 and cooldown the skill is only 1.25 seconds. Very fast right?

Nita’s ultimatum will give “Big Baby Bear” is red and will fight the enemy. Uniquely the big bear is always focused on the enemy.


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