Com2uS Announces Summoners War Animated Short Film

Animated Movies Summoners War

Special 100 Million Downloads Global! Com2uS Announces Animated Short Film Summoners War, Collaborating with Skybound Entertainment!

Summoner War Animated Movies
Summoner War Animated Movies

Seoul, South Korea (7 May 2022) – Com2uS (CEO James Song) announced that the global RPG game “Summoners War: Sky Arena” (hereinafterSummoners War“) managed to penetrate 100 million downloads worldwide.

Summoners War which started its global service in 2014 again proved its popularity by reaching 100 million downloads worldwide. By setting global service standards thanks to a one-build service, Summoners War has proven its popularity as a global brand and achieved a monumental achievement of 100 million downloads.

Celebrating 100 Million Downloads

The distribution of the number of downloads that are evenly distributed in each continent proves the popularity of Summoners War around the world. 50% of the total downloads came from the western market, of which 32% came from the US as the world’s largest gaming market, 18% came from Europe and Oceania, and the remaining 50% came from Asia, including big markets such as South Korea, China, Japan, and other countries. This figure shows that Summoners War is the best global RPG game played by players around the world.

Summoners War recorded to be ranked No. 1 in 74 countries on the App Store, and in 20 countries on Google Play since it was first launched. In addition, Summoners War also has a sales record as the No.1 RPG game on the Apple App Store in 116 countries and in 96 countries on the Google Play Store.

Collaboration with Skybound Entertainment

Com2uS plans to release a Summoners War-themed short animated film to celebrate 100 million downloads by collaborating with Skybound Entertainment. Players can witness the splendor of Summoners War which has surpassed 100 million downloads through this film. In addition, Com2uS is currently developing the Summoners War brand into various other forms of business.

“Summoners War has been successful thanks to good service and regular updates and events. We will continue to be active in the global market and strengthen our global brand again.” said Com2uS.

Summoner War Animated Movies
Summoner War Animated Movies

“Friends and Rivals”.

This time, Com2uS and Skybound Entertainment (Skybound) produced an animated short film “Friends and Rivals”. This 6-minute 3D animated film will take the background story and the world of Summoners War. This film also proves the value of the Summoners War brand which is getting bigger and not only as a game, but also as global cultural content.

The world and story in this animated film are also used in “Summoners war“, “Summoners War Lost Centuria” and “Summoners War MMORPG”. This film introduces the characters and the world of Summoners War in animated form. The film was produced by co-executive producers – Catherine Winder, CEO of Skybound North and creator of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and “The Angry Birds Movie” and Robert Kirkman, founder of Skybound and creator of the “Walking Dead” series.

Paul Ferminger, visual effects editor of the SF Hollywood films “I, Robot”, “Elektra” and “Night at the Museum” and TV series “Mortal Kombat: Legacy” will also direct the film. Additionally, Paul Ferminger and John Zuur Platten, writers for the console games “Jurassic World Evolution” and “Apache Air Assault” wrote the entire script for the film.

The story of two summoners

The film will tell the story of two summoners – Durand and Morgana – and the Baniyan tribe that will appear in “Summoners War MMORPG” for the first time. The two summoners will jump into action by summoning their monsters and fighting to reclaim the magical gems on the soon-to-be-collapsed Sky Island. This story also tells about the friendship of the two summoners which was built through their fight.

Players can watch this film by streaming on the official YouTube channel Com2uS ( and also at “Summoners War“.

“Summoners War is a mobile game that is loved by more than 100 million players worldwide and has an excellent Intellectual Property Value. This will make it one of the leading global content. Players will be able to enjoy Summoners War in various forms, such as TV animation, movies, novels, comics and many more, starting with this film,” said Com2uS.

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