Collaborating with Artists, Riot Creates an Arcane Character Minifigure Action Giveaway

Riot presents an Action Minifigure giveaway for Arcane characters

Riot Games

Riot presents an Action Minifigure giveaway for Arcane characters

GridGames.ID – Riot Games Southeast Asia has now announced its newest collaboration with local artists from Singapore and the Philippines.

The collaboration aims to hold a special Arcane costume toy collection giveaway to celebrate the release of Riot’s first animated series, Arcane.

Setial Arcane, premieres on November 7, 2022 and takes the world behind League of Legends.

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Arcane Art Toys Limited Edition

Riot Games

Arcane Art Toys Limited Edition

To further spread the excitement and bring the characters to life in the series, Riot has teamed up with local artists to come up with their own interpretations of the Arcane characters on classic LEGO minifigures.

G. Justin Hulog, General Manager of Riot Games for Southeast Asia and Taiwan said that the LoL Champion in Arcane is very close to the hearts of players and fans, therefore, to celebrate the release of Arcane, they wanted to bring the characters that were present in the series to life. through various real media.

He also said he was very enthusiastic to collaborate exclusively with Southeast Asian artists to immortalize their Arcane creations in this unique toy collection.

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The following are the artists and their biodata involved in making the Arcane character minifigure:


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