Collaborate, Zynga and Snapchat Release New Game, Bumped Out

Bumped Out, Mobile Game From Zynga

Bumped Out, Mobile Game From Zynga

GridGames.ID – Who does not know the game developer from San Francisco, Zynga.

Previously, Snapchat and Zynga had announced that the mobile game company would collaborate on a series of multiplayer games.

One of them is titled Bumped Out which is intended for the social media application game platform, Snap Games.

In June 2022, they also successfully released a shooter game called Tiny Royale which is a game with perspective top-down.

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Bumped Out is a game that will challenge you to face off against other players using special vehicles.

You will be placed on an island that continues to shrink to take each other down and try to be the player who lasts the longest.

It sounds like simple gameplay, but each vehicle here has different skills and will add to the challenge of the game itself.

Each vehicle here has a weight, speed, bounce or bounce that you should pay attention to.

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Bernard Kim, President of Zynga publisher, said that Snap Games was created in a unique and interesting way so that players can plunge directly into the social experience in the game.

After creating Tiny Royale last year, we had lots of ideas for more game concepts we could bring to the platform.”

Bumped Out

Bumped Out

Bumped Out itself is now available for free via Snapchat which you can download via the App Store and Google Play.

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