Collab Miko and Marine Offline Broadcasts Privatized After Receiving Doujinka BL

The BL Doujinka complained that she felt humiliated because her BL doujin works were used as a joke and did not get credit for her doujin works.

The broadcast of the VTuber Houshou Marine collaboration visit who came to VTuber Sakura Miko’s house had to end up being private after a BL doujinkan commented that Miko used to joke with Marine who got a BL SNK book (Shingeki no Kyoujin) in Miko’s refrigerator. But unfortunately, the action was not well received by the doujinkan and immediately expressed his frustration on his twitter account. Especially when Marine and Miko laughed at the doujin.

What exactly is wrong with Marine and Miko’s actions?

One of the Twitter translation volunteers explained that Doujin with a niche theme like BL is not an item intended for the wider community but specifically for those who have the same thoughts and don’t mind the niche. This is because BL itself is something that can’t be shared widely and generally, but viewers can get it through limited exhibitions such as comics with physical prints. These restrictions are intentionally made to avoid copyright claims from the original copyright holders who deliberately turn a blind eye to copyright infringement with one of the reasons for limiting profits.

But the main thing is to filter the buyers only to those who are willing to buy the work because they have the same thoughts as Doujinkan (love of BL works). So that publications by works with the BL Niche are limited and are intended only for those who like BL works.

Therefore, broadcasts that present Doujin BL in Miko and Marine’s offline collaboration broadcast widely promote doujinka’s work, out of the expected audience demographics (spread to ordinary people who are not necessarily BL lovers) and feel humiliated because Marine’s actions laugh at his work. Understanding this, Marine tweeted an apology and asked not to bully the doujinka.

Sang Doujinka BL Claims copyright credit to Cover which ends in bullying

The Doujinka who initially received support then continued his tweet, complaining that he did not receive anything from those (Miko and Marine) who received income (such as SC) in the broadcast that listed his work (Miko and Marine did not mention the name of his work at all), and asked for an answer. from Cover to credit his work.

His follow-up claim actually turned around and bullied him because it was considered that his work was a derivative work which should also be invalid because it used a character protected by copyright by the first original owner (in this case the publisher and creator of SNK, Hajime Isayama). As a result, the Doujinka made his Twitter account private and wrote an apology on his Twitter biography account. Even so, Damage had been done on Miko’s and Marine’s side.

In the broadcast playing with GTA Sakura Miko, there was a small spike in dislikes on her broadcast and Miko didn’t seem very energetic in her GTA broadcast.

In the end, this insignificant drama again attracted antis to attack Hololive talent based on the narrative that Miko and Marine committed copyright infringement, and humiliated BL doujinka for exposing their work. Based on Marine’s previous apology tweet, there may be restrictions on discussing doujin works, especially those with BL themes in the future.

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