COD Mobile World Championship 2022 Give Schedule and How to Register

Call of Duty Mobile World Championship poster

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile World Championship poster

GridGames.ID – Back in May 2022, Activision announced that the Call of Duty or COD Mobile World Championships 2022 were scheduled to take place in June.

Now, Activision provides more detailed information about the competition that will be held.

What is COD: Mobile World Championship 2022?

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So the COD Mobile World Championship is the biggest event for the game title and Sony is the main sponsor.

The event lasts throughout the season, where players can join together in Ranked mode to get in-game prizes and a portion of the total prize pool of US$ 2 million or equivalent to Rp. 28.7 billion.

The 2022 COD Mobile World Championship will feature four stages or rounds of competition.

The fourth round was a regional playoff which added several new territories.

Activision explained that they are very happy for the first time that players in the Russian region can participate in this global competition.


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