CN’s 6 Hololive Talents Graduation Officially Scheduled By Cover

With the disbandment of Hololive CN, Hololive no longer has branches in China

Reported in a previous article, Artia explained that the China branch of the Hololive agency would soon be disbanded due to financial constraints. After several weeks of waiting with no news. Finally Cover, Hololive CN’s parent company announced that all talents under Hololive CN will graduate.

The official announcement schedules the graduation of HoloCN talents according to the following schedule;

  1. Civia : Wednesday, November 18, 2022
  2. Artia : Saturday, December 19, 2022
  3. Yogiri : Sunday, December 20, 2022
  4. Doris : Saturday, December 26, 2022
  5. Rosalyn : Sunday, December 27, 2022

*Schedule is subject to change

Where is CN Spade Echo’s Hololive Talent?

From the official announcement that has been announced, there is an oddity because Spade Echo, one of Hololive CN’s talent personnel, is not included in the graduation list for the announcement. But this was immediately clarified by himself on his bilibili account.

According to the translation, Spade Echo confirmed that he also wanted to graduate with other HoloCN talents, but for some reason, he was missed on the talent graduation list and is communicating this with the management. However, it doesn’t change the situation that Spade Echo will also leave HoloCN.

Artia’s previous statement is no longer valid

Previously, Artia and Civia announced that other HoloCN talents would be compensated for a full month of income without deductions, and be given the rights to the avatars they used. However, in the end, Artia pulled the news back due to a misunderstanding between him and the management.

Many are sympathetic to Artia’s situation, but cannot justify Artia’s attitude because announcing something only based on verbally received permission from the management so that it does not have a strong binding law. Although not a few have blamed the management for breaking the verbal promises made by Artia.

As a result, based on the official announcement that has been released, all Hololive CN talents will graduate and no longer own the rights to the avatars they use. There is no clarity regarding the income without deductions that Artia talks about.

Fan response to HoloCN talent graduation

The fans are grateful to be relieved because finally the official announcement regarding the disbandment of Hololive CN has been long awaited even though it has been expected for a long time. The majority are happy with the closure of the Hololive CN branch because then Cover and Hololive no longer have the obligation to comply with the demands of the antis who demand Hololive to leave the Chinese market.

Fans’ opinions began to split on the aspect of Hololive CN’s talent who was about to graduate. The majority of fans are divided into factions who believe that CN’s Hololive talents are also antis who bully other Hololive Talents along with other Chinese Antis based on the narrative that they finally started to believe. The rest still insist that Hololive CN talents have no relationship with antis, and the termination of this branch of the agency in order to protect talents from antis targeting Hololive-associated talents. One example is Kagura Mea, an independent VTuber who got bullied for having an association with a vtuber from Hololive Aqua who was announced to no longer be a guest star on Kagura Mea’s first Sololive.

In the faction that believes that Hololive talent CN is involved in bullying with antis. Separated into those who hate HoloCN talents and those who are heartened to forgive and no longer want to be involved with talent.

Those who hate Hololive CN’s talents feel that what Hololive CN suffers is proper and karmic for their behavior. Mainly to Artia and Civia who had announced receiving income without deductions and getting avatar property rights. On the other side. On the other hand, those who were heartened and forgiving expressed disappointment at their behavior even though they ultimately forgave Hololive CN’s talents, wishing all the talents the best and no longer wishing to be involved with them.

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