ClickFun Releases DanceUp in Indonesia with CheryBelle

DanceUp Indonesia with CheryBelle Coming soon this November

Enlivening the mobile game scene in the country, developer and publisher ClickFun this week will release their newest game called Dance Up with the genre social dance game. Along with the release of Dance Up which will be held on November 5, 2022, ClickFun will also hold a Grand Launching event which is enlivened by Idol Group CherryBelle at FX Sudirman, Jakarta.

Curious to be the first to play Dance UP? Mobileague friends can do Pre-Registration at the following link

DanceUp Indonesia with CheryBelle

CherryBelle was deliberately brought in to enliven the Grand Launching Dance Up event with popular songs such as ‘Brand New Day’ and ‘Love is You’. Mobileague friends, will also have the opportunity to meet and talk directly with CherryBelle personnel! (Wow!). DanceUP Indonesia with CheryBelle is expected to become one of the beat and rhythm mobile games that can be accepted by the general public

Further information about the Grand Launching Dance Up event can be found on Facebook:

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