Claim 4 Redeem Code Dragon Raja Free Motor, Gold, Diamond

Redeem Code Dragon Raja

For Mobileague friends who want to play the Dragon Raja game, you can take advantage of the prizes given by the developer team for you. The prize is a Redeem code that you can exchange in the game. So as not to be confused, here is the Dragon Raja Redeem Code Guide that you can get.

Before discussing the Dragon Raja Guide Classes, Mimin Mobileague would like to inform you that you can really top up the Dragon Raja game using Razer Gold. Don’t believe it? you can check the link here for more information. Or you can go directly to the Dragon Raja game center top up page at the following link

Top Up Dragon Raja with Razer Gold
Top Up Dragon Raja with Razer Gold

You can get these codes from Dragon Raja’s official Facebook and also Dragon Raja’s official website

4 Redeem Code Dragon Raja that you can immediately use

Redeem Code Dragon Raja
Redeem Code Dragon Raja

The following are 4 Receem codes consisting of Pre-Register Pack, Dye Pack, Ex Pack and also Motor Pack. You can directly take the code in the tables below.

Pre-register Pack consisting of

Redeem Code EFWLNDD
Present Pre-register Pack consisting of
1 Title: Dragon Raja Pioneer,
1 Hair: Shooting Star (Permanent),
1 Primary Motor Refit Plan,
1 Transmission,
10 Fine Refit Parts,
6 Clawer Coins,
3 Secret Commands,
1 Gold Knight Key

Ex Gift Pack consisting of

Redeem Code EKCPHMG
Present EX Pack consisting of
60,000 Gold Coins,
3 EX Catalyst,
3 lv. 2 Elemental Gems.

Dye Gift Pack consisting of

Redeem Code EJRWWWVR
Present Dye Pack consisting of
100 Diamonds,
6 Paint Cards,
8 Polishing Dye,
8 Color Calibrants.

Motorcycle Gift Pack consisting of

Redeem Code EHHSEWX
Present Motor Pack consisting of
60,000 Gold Coins,
5 Refined Refit Parts,
3 Energy Crystals,
1 Paint Can,
1 Evolution Stone

How to Redeem Code Dragon Raja in the game

To exchange the redeem code, you can access it from within the game by following the following methods

  1. Login to the game
  2. You have to finish the tutorial first
  3. When you’re done, click the + sign in the middle right
  4. You will open the page Settings
  5. On the basic tab, you can check at the bottom left with the button Bonus
  6. Enter the CD Key / Redeem Code that you have
  7. After that, check the Inbox, and your prizes can be taken right away

For those of you who want to play and still need insight to choose classes, you can check the following guide on

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