Choose SamoHt Instead of Drian, ONIC Already Know the Weaknesses of REKT?

ONIC Esports managed to beat EVOS Legends in their second meeting at MPL ID S9, it was quite unique because this Yellow Hedgehog team fielded SamoHt which some people point out as counter reliable for Roamers EVOS Legends, REKT.


In fact, Drian has joined ONIC Esports and brought his team to victory when they met Bigetron Alpha. However, Marz as coach ONIC Esports chose SamoHt over Drian in the match against the White Tiger team.

SamoHt did not waste this opportunity and performed very well and managed to win a landslide victory 2-0 while perfecting the ONIC Esports meeting against EVOS Legends, because in the first meeting SamoHt et al. also won by a score of 2-0.

The presence of SamoHt is indeed enough to help ONIC Esports beat EVOS Legends. Because, hero pool SamoHt is similar to REKT which is the source of EVOS’s power.

For example, when SamoHt can take hero Angela that EVOS Legends needs because draft pick they choose, so REKT can’t help but take hero others who do not fit into the strategy.

However, Marz denied that he entered SamoHt only tocounter REKT, because the EVOS Legends captain didn’t play alone in the Land of Dawn.

Counter REKT doesn’t really work, because REKT also plays five games, so it can’t be played.counter one person only. Especially in Midlane META Tank, everything is more towards teamwork only,” said Marz during the MPL ID Media Interview.

SamoHt Creates META 2 Roamers ONIC Runs Smoothly

Besides his presence can narrow hero pool REKT, SamoHt also make draft pick ONIC Esports is more varied than other MPL ID teams. Until match Finally, MPL ID S9, ONIC Esports is the only team that uses META 2 Roamers which has been quite effective so far.

ONIC Esports success using META 2 Roamers of course there is a big hand from a SamoHt. Marz also said that the difference between SamoHt and Drian was in the gameplay.

Marz says that SamoHt tends to use hero who is supportive towards teammates, while Drian is more towards hero with damage burst tall one. That’s why SamoHt was chosen against EVOS Legends over Drian.

“Why do we use SamoHt to fight EVOS because we see heroes like Angela (hero mainstay of REKT) is hero which support to his team. Yesterday, Drian used Kagura, which damageit’s big. Maybe I can say gameplay (SamoHt) matches against EVOS Legends,” continued Marz.

presence of two Midlaner with gameplay The differences within ONIC Esports allow this team to use different strategies in each match. With a capable squad depth, it’s no wonder the MPL ID S8 champion remains a strong candidate for the MPL ID S9 champion!

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