Choose Bigetron RA or EVOS Reborn, Here’s GD Daybot’s Answer

Bigetron Red Aliens and EVOS Reborn are one of the strongest teams in PUBG Mobile scenes Indonesia. GD Daybot as player PUBG Mobile reveal who is his favorite team between Bigetron RA and EVOS Legends.


Who doesn’t know the figure of GD Daybot? Inzaghi “DayboT” Karundeng is one of the figures rusher known by many lovers PUBG Mobile. This player is from the Genesis Dogma team.

Daybot managed to steal the public’s attention because of its always good performance and surprised the fans. He became one of the players feared by other teams.

Daybot Idolize Bigetron or EVOS?

This player from Sulawesi admits that he really idolizes the team Bigetron Red Aliens. Through an interview conducted by PUBG Mobile Indonesia, he told why this red alien team was his favorite team.

“BTR, the reason is because they have been fans of BTR for a long time, they have become world champions and often represent Indonesia in the international arena,” said Daybot.

Daybot also added that he greatly idolized the figure of BTR Ryzen. According to him Ryzen is a great and scary player.

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Daybot himself is a rusher on the Genesis Dogma team. Role the same as the idol is certainly a benchmark for him to be better.

According to Daybot, this one team is the strongest and most successful team in Indonesia. Bigetron Red Aliens has participated in various national and international tournaments.

The Genesis Dogma team itself is a good team. As a newly formed community team, they managed to qualify and even became the winner of PMPL ID Season 4 yesterday.

Not only that, the Genesis Dogma team has also been a representative at the PMGC (PUBG Mobile Global Championship) 2022 event. Although not a champion, but of course the presence of Genesis Dogma is very proud. Genesis Dogma itself is a representative of PMGC 2022 along with the Bigetron Red Aliens team.

Of course, Daybot wants to be as successful and as big as the Bigetron Red Aliens team. Wow, keep up the spirit, Daybot, hopefully in the future everything you wish will come true!

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