Chinese Antis Act, Kiryu Coco Restricts Membership-only Chats So Stonk

Instead of taking it personally, Kiryu Coco took advantage of the anti-Chinese savagery to be able to stop broadcasting the game “Get Over It With Bennet Fody”

As long as there is something that can be a loophole, the antis will use that excuse to spread hatred. Without looking at the logical reasons that justify the spread of their hatred.

After previously VTuber from Hololive, Akai Haato, who is also known as Haachama, received hate speech from Chinese antis, now it’s Kiryu Coco’s turn to receive hate speech from Chinese antis.

The reason for the excessive hate speech only because it mentions the word Taiwan which is one of the countries of origin of some Kiryu Coco donors as described by YouTube’s demographic analysis. However, the mention of the word Taiwan caused Chinese antis who claimed to be Chinese nationalist sympathizers to immediately flood the AsaCoco Kiryu Coco broadcast chat column and get quite a lot of dislike bombs.

AsaCoco today’s content is less than 7 minutes because it has to be trimmed of sensitive content

Kiryu Coco’s “Pro Gamer Move”

Although AsaCoco’s broadcast on September 25, 2022 was hidden and reduced in duration, Kiryu Coco scheduled a broadcast to play the game “Get Over It with Bennet Fody”. However, the waiting room for the live broadcast was filled with antis who were still not satisfied with making fun of Kiryu Coco’s live broadcast. As a result, Kiryu Coco’s chat waiting room was filled with anti-Chinese words that were still “hurt”.

As soon as the live broadcast of the game started, Kiryu Coco gave a surprise to the Chinese antis who dominated the live broadcast chat room. Suddenly, only paid exclusive fans (Membership) who could chat on the live broadcast of playing the game Kiryu Coco at that time.

Chinese antis
Dislikes reach 2.4 thousand and only members can comment

Not only that, only those who enter as members can comment, making Kiryu Coco earn additional income from the itchy-handed antis.

And as predicted, the antis persisted in screwing up, they wasted their money to join as a membership just to convey their gossip.

Not only membership, Kiryu Coco’s Superchat also flows smoothly with a mixture of hate speech and Kiryu Coco’s fans’ Superchat which washes away hateful Superchat with the blue Superchat that Kiryu Coco fans usually use when they take a break to the toilet as if washing away the dirty Superchat of Chinese antis.

Kiryu Coco archives play “Get Over It with Bennet Fody”

Fan reaction to the action of the Chinese Antis on Kiryu Coco’s live broadcast

– Cheers on pro gamer Kiryu Coco’s move

Even though the live broadcast limited Kiryu Coco’s chat room to members only, they still felt entertained and applauded by Kiryu Coco’s actions using antis for cash.

– Scorning the childish actions of antis China

Fans also derided the childish actions of antis who were easily offended even though Kiryu Coco had absolutely no intention of bringing up the issue of Chinese politics and domestic policy. They are of the opinion that the mention of the word Taiwan when reading YouTube audience demographic analysts where Taiwan is one of the members of Kiryu Coco’s audience demographic.

– Not all Chinese viewers are childish like antis

Kiryu Coco fans are aware that not all Chinese fans are acting like the antis who messed up the broadcast. Kiryu Coco’s fans also emphasize not to generalize Kiryu Coco’s audience from China as rioters, only a small portion of whom are indeed antis who are easily offended.

– Sympathetic because the actions of antis China made Hololive temporarily blocked in Bilibili

As a result of this incident, Kiryu Coco’s fans are sympathetic to the Hololive audience in Bilibili. Due to the incident, the Bilibili Hololive account was suspended so they could not continue their Vtuber activities on the Bilibili platform for a while.

Previously, Vtuber Hololive Yuzuki Choco was suspended by the Bilibili platform. Although in the end Hololive management issued a statement apologizing, Yuzuki Choco has never been simulcast on the Bilibili platform. Seeing the previous incident, Netizens assumed that Vtuber Hololive might leave the Bilibili platform which would have an impact on the financial flows of VTuber Hololive such as Minato Aqua and Shirakami Fubuki who have a significant number of fans on the platform.

– What attitude should netizens have towards Chinese Antis? There is not any

Yes, Kiryu Coco’s fans also emphasized that they should not take countermeasures against the anti-China VTuber forum, let the hate action die by itself because it doesn’t get the attention they want.

That was Kiryu Coco’s pro gamer move when he faced Chinese antis. Even though he was bathed in hate speech in his chat column, which was also filled with blue Superchat from fans who washed the hate speech, Kiryu Coco got a stunk which, if the Antis could think clearly, would feel annoyed because it wasn’t Kiryu Coco who enjoyed the donations at all. their membership. Moreover, purchased donations and memberships cannot be refunded.

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