Chapter 3. Creating a shop

In developing RPG games, we cannot be separated from the different types of stores that exist in the game, from goods stores, gun stores, armor, and other. But have you ever thought of a shop whose goods match your thinking? Instead of thinking about it over and over, we just do it ourselves.

If you are reading this article right now, it is a good idea to start from scratch.

If so, we can move on to the part where we are going to create a shop and how we will use it.

1. First we have to open Project we fit our place to save before.

2. Make sure we’re there Event mode.

3. To simplify this tutorial, let’s use Folder that existed. The trick is to right click on the Inwepo tutorial at the bottom left and “load“After logging in, we can choose which setup we want to use. In this tutorial we will use Arms business. Click OK.

4. If so, we will have a new room, namely Arms business. Right-click on the ladder (10, 11), then move the mouse to “Define the starting position“and choose”player” so that player appears on Folder.

5. If so, then player we’re moving there in a moment. close shop, click with the right mouse button on the number field (10.5) and then select “New

6. We do the same as the tutorial in Part 1 to create NPCs. But added Shop processing his part. The trick is to Double click in the section context then switch to page 3 and “Shop processing “.

7. Here we can enter everything we want to sell to shop. The trick is Double click in the section Fan shop, Select armor because we open Arms business Then select the type to sell. Below we can set whether the price follows the standard or the price that we have set ourselves. If so, click OK.

8. If so, we click use then OK to create NPC shop Walk.

9. If so, we can Playtest.

Do not forget Save project first with it progress already created can be executed.

This is the tutorial on creating an RPG game with RPG Maker: Part 3 Make shop. Much luck.

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