Chaotic! Apple Plans to Close Epic Games Access to All of Its Services

GridGames.ID – The conflict between Epic Games and Apple has entered a new chapter.

Apple is reportedly planning to close Epic Games accounts on the App Store.

The news was delivered directly by representatives of Epic Games on Monday (17/8), as quoted from MacRumors.

If this closure does occur, the game developer will no longer have access to Apple services.

Apple will cut off Epic’s access to all development tools necessary to create software for Apple’s platforms

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Apart from the App Store, Epic Games also cannot enter the app development service.

Not only that, closing an Epic Games account will have an impact on other game applications that use the Unreal Engine.

For those who don’t know, Unreal Engine is a development engine made for game applications.

If Epic Games access is closed, they will no longer be able to develop Unreal Engine software.

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