Celebrating RI’s Anniversary, Lokapala Presents the “Reach the Peak of Independence” Event

GridGames.ID – Lokapala, a mobile game with the original Indonesian MOBA genre, announced an event to celebrate the Indonesian Independence Day.

Exactly on August 17, 2022, all Indonesian people rejoice in celebrating the 76th anniversary of Indonesia’s independence.

Titled “Reach the Peak of Independence”, this event will give the Knights the opportunity to get a Limited Event Avatar Frame and Nio’s Exclusive Skin.

Limited Event Avatar Frame and Exclusive Skin Nio Lokapala

Limited Event Avatar Frame and Exclusive Skin Nio Lokapala

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This “Reach the Peak of Independence” event will take place from 17 – 30 August 2022.

To be able to get the prize, the Knights are required to complete the mission.

Not only that, they are also required to collect Gelora Marbles so that they can be exchanged for these prizes.

The prize in the form of Nio’s exclusive skin is Lestari Muda, where Ksatriya Nio will dress like an Indonesian warrior.

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