Celebrate First Anniversary, Lokapala Presents Bhumi Sambhara Budhura Event

Lokapala Bhumi Sambhara Budhura event

Lokapala Bhumi Sambhara Budhura event

GridGames.ID – Coinciding with Vesak Day which falls on May 26, 2022, Lokapala presents a new event.

Titled Lokapala Bhumi Sambhara Budhura, this event not only commemorates Vesak Day, but also Lokapala’s birthday and National Awakening Day.

The event raised the theme of culture, stories, stories and deep history centered on Borobudur.

Why Borobudur? Because Vesak itself is a Buddhist holiday whose tradition has been to carry out a series of worship in the temple area since 1929.

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The Directorate General of Culture, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology also fully supports this event.

This support is useful to provide another color in public education about Borobudur.

By participating in this Bhumi Sambhara Budhura event, you can get Nada’s exclusive skin, you know.

Complete the Bhumi Sambhara Budhura event at Lokapala with the prize of Nada's exclusive skin

Complete the Bhumi Sambhara Budhura event at Lokapala with the prize of Nada’s exclusive skin

To get the skin, the method is very easy and GridGames will tell you on the next page, OK!

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