Celebrate 2nd Anniversary, State of Survival Presents Themes Until New Collaborations

2nd Anniversary of State of Survival

2nd Anniversary of State of Survival

GridGames.ID – 2022 is the second year the free-to-play strategy game, State of Survival, is officially released.

In celebration of its second anniversary, the game with a post-apocalyptic setting announced an Anniversary Revelry.

This event has started since September 6 yesterday and will last until October 2022.

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Players will be pampered with new themes and heroes, free draws, giveaway events, collaborations with Korean celebrities to the ongoing partnership with The Walking Dead.

State of Survival itself has an incredible achievement, namely 90 million downloads worldwide by the end of August 2022.

With this achievement, there’s a celebration for all fans, where they can check the details here and pre-register for extra supply cases.

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“We are delighted to mark the 2nd anniversary of State of Survival by surpassing 90 million downloads worldwide and this is all thanks to the support of our fans and players,” said Chris Petrovic, Chief Business Officer at FunPlus.

“That’s why at this anniversary event, we’re excited to introduce new content, ongoing events, and amazing giveaways throughout the anniversary month to honor all Survivors.”


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