Careful! These 4 Mobile Legends Heroes Are Good at Stealing Klomang

GridGames.ID – In the Mobile Legends game there are several types of forest monsters that you can kill to get buffs, HP, and even gold.

One of them is the hermit crab which is an important part and likes to be contested by both teams who are fighting.

If you can kill this hermit crab, you can get additional gold every few seconds. As a result, you can save gold for late games.

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Killing a hermit crab is considered difficult, make sure there is no one but you when you want to kill it.

Because of course you will be bored when you have spent a long time killing hermit crabs, suddenly there is an enemy who steals the hermit crab. Annoyed!

Reported from the Hai Online page, there are several heroes who are good at stealing hermit crabs. Actually all heroes can steal hermit crabs, but these four heroes can steal them more easily.

Here are 4 Mobile Legends heroes who easily steal Klomang.

1. Bane

Bane, Hero Fighter Mobile Legends


Bane, Hero Fighter Mobile Legends

This hero actually has a skill that allows him to steal hermit crabs more easily. Moreover, the skill can be issued from a long distance as well.

His first skill, Crab Claw Cannon. Never underestimate the power of one Bane’s skill. The reason is, you can throw bombs from a distance, and even steal the klomang.


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