Can Video Snacks Still Make Money?

Can Video Snacks Still Make Money

Can Video Snacks Still Make Money – Users of the Snack Video Application have recently been feeling restless and also disappointed with the policy that has been issued by Kominfo which has closed the activity of sharing money in the Snack Video application.

Suspicion arose as to whether this had been set from the start between the two parties or indeed because Snack Video had violated government regulations. Whatever the reason, for ordinary people, sharing money by Snack Video is a natural thing.

Why is that? Because Snack Video wants to bring in massive new users. Meanwhile, from the user’s side, they have watched videos and also invited people to use this application. The most important thing is that people don’t make deposits.

So in this Snack Video money sharing activity, many consider it not a money game activity. Because there is no element of gambling. Users work to watch videos and invite friends and video snack parties provide appropriate rewards.

Many hope that the government will reopen these activities. Moreover, there are many users whose balances cannot be withdrawn because the application can only watch videos. This is what then raises the question Can Video Snacks Still Make Money? and some other suspicions

Can Video Snacks Still Make Money?

Once again, there are many Snack Video users who really hope that the developer goes to Kominfo and also provides an explanation and completes what Kominfo has asked so that this money-sharing activity can run again.

If this activity is stopped forever, it is not impossible that many users will uninstall and choose to use the TikTok application again. Many TikTok users are moving to Snack Video because it can make money.

However, if the Sncak Video application is no longer making money, be prepared slowly but surely this application will lose users. This is an important note that we provide for the attention and implementation of Snak Video developers

Certainty When Video Snacks Return to Make Money

Until now, no one can guarantee and predict when Snack Video can make money back. For that, for those of you who are still hopeful and also really hope that this application will return to share money, please be patient and don’t be disappointed

Let’s just wait for the next development, who knows there will be good news for all users of the Snack Video application. If you learn from Vtube until now, the application that was previously blocked has not yet been confirmed. This of course will apply the same with Snack Video.

For that, we emphasize once again to all of you Snack Video users so that you don’t expect too much from this application. Please use other applications if you really want to earn money. Or you can work regularly and also definitely make money

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That’s all we can share and also explain to you. Hopefully what we discuss on this auspicious occasion about Are Video Snacks Can Still Make Money, you can understand well.

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