Can the fraud be changed? This is the expert’s explanation

LIMAPAGI Every couple wants a lasting relationship. However, it cannot be denied that there are problems, one of which is infidelity.

Of course, this one problem becomes a terrifying specter for any couple as it can break the relationship and often the last resort is breakup.

Sometimes every partner who is a victim always wonders. Will fraudulent partners change?

According to Sharon Rivkin, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy, couples and cheaters can change and get better. But the danger is when infidelity is seen as a right.

“Infidelity that doesn’t change is people who feel like cheating is right, narcissistic and regretful,” he said on the Galtime site.

Rivkin went on to say that infidelity can change if the person doesn’t have an addiction or character disorder that one possesses.

“Infidelity is an extreme symptom of a relationship that is no longer harmonious,” he added.

So the cheater can actually change to be loyal to his partner as long as the mental state is examined, there is no personality disorder.

But calm down, some signs or reasons often appear when a partner is cheating, such as:

So, for those of you who are experiencing this condition, you need to have a sense of suspicion and communicate with your partner right away. Because communication plays an important role in a harmonious relationship. ***

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