Can Free Fire games be played on PS5?

Can free fire games be played on PS5? Free Fire, one of Indonesia’s best mobile battle royale games, is currently being talked about by the general public. It all started with a photo of one of the world’s most famous news, Garena Free Fire, coming to play on the PS5.

Of course, this news quickly caught the public’s attention. Why they couldn’t play their favorite game, there was no wind or rain. Suddenly it was rumored that they could later play on the PS5 platform. Free Fire It is very synonymous with mobile games in itself and has been using this mobile device for quite some time since around 2022.

The PS5 itself, on the other hand, is a new game console issued by Sony to gamers, and of course you can get it with enough pockets of around Rp6-7 million. And there are many different types of games you can play on this console, and of course all have great graphics.

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Source: YouTube

So why suddenly one of the touted mobile games can be played on this latest Sony console, which is only available to the general public? In addition, the game rumored to be Free Fire has thousands of active players each day, just like a mobile device.

Of course, this is logically impossible and was clarified directly on June 17, 2022 by, one of Indonesia’s largest Free Fire communities. hoax And maybe just made by random people.

In fact, Garena and Sony hadn’t even made a statement about the collaboration before the PS5 was released. If you actually follow it, there is no news of the collaboration between Free Fire and PS5 from the official news site as shown in the above picture.

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