Cafe Jojo Bizarre Adventure Reference Series 1

Cafe Jojo Bizarre Adventure

Wryyyyy For those of you fans of the male (and some female) fighter series titled Jojo Bizarre adventure, visiting this cafe is a must. Cafe Jojo Bizarre Adventure is located in the Nakano area and is approximately 5 minutes from the Nakano Broadway gate. The chill out experience while accompanied by Jojo-themed knick-knacks is a must-try if you visit Japan. Make sure Cafe Jojo Style Bar-Dio is included in your itinerary, Mobitachi

Cafe Jojo Bizarre Adventure
Its Me Dio

To visit this cafe, you can only come at 6 pm according to the cafe’s opening hours. You can order food and drinks until 11 pm (last order) and have to leave the cafe when it is 12 pm.

Uniquely Cafe Jojo Bizarre Adventure

Upon arrival, you will be immediately greeted by a door that looks like Dio’s “bed” during his time as a Vampire. Then when ordering food, there will be no menu names like cafes in general. The food and drink menu will be in the form of the strength of the stands or the characters in the Jojo anime.

Cafe Jojo Bizarre Adventure
Cafe Jojo Bizarre Adventure

The following are things that you will find in this Bar-Dio style jojo cafe.

  • Collection of Action Figures themed Jojo Bizzare Adventure from various series
  • Cosplay Photos with Jojo’s Baubles
  • Drinks with the theme of Jojo Bizzare Adventure, Attention, drinks here use alcohol. Make sure you’re old enough, Mobitachi
  • Jojo Bizzare Adventure themed wall decoration
  • Dio’s Coffin-style Welcome Door
  • Drink menu with pictures of stand attacks and jojo characters
  • Music from the Jojo Bizzare Adventure Series

The atmosphere inside Cafe Jojo Style Bar-Dio

The following is a display of the atmosphere in Cafe Jojo and Dio which was taken from the shots of the cafe visitors. There are a lot of items taken from the first to the eighth series.

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