Buts summons Onic eSports’ most dangerous team in the MPL Season 6 playoffs

Buts calls this team the most dangerous team for Onic eSports in the MPL Season 6 Playoffs.

Side trainers owned by the Onic eSports team have revealed the most dangerous teams in the Onic eSports playoffs.

He is a Buts player brought by Onic eSports from the Blue Tiger team at the start of MPL ID Season 6.

But for himself, his performance at Onic eSports so far has been so good that he could even beat other senior players into the team’s main lineup.

After successfully naming Pyschoo, SaSa, Rasy, etc., Butts sat quietly on the team’s bench.

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But apart from that, Butts, who helped Onic play in the MPL ID Season 6 playoffs, said these two teams were the most dangerous in the later playoffs.

“The most dangerous teams for ONIC are Alter Ego and RRQ Hoshi. Unlike other teams, five players are very dangerous,” Butts told ONE Esports a while back.

Given that RRQ Hoshi and Alter Ego’s performance in the regular season was extraordinary, there is some truth to what Butts said.

In fact, it’s not just Butts who appreciate the excellent performance of these two teams, but the average player says the same.

Meanwhile, Butts himself later played against Evos Legend in the playoffs, and if he won, he would play against RRQ stars!

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