Bushido Hay Hay people and Fire Hay people Fire brand FF skills difference!

The emergence of the new skills of the Hay Hay Hay human fire brand awakening has attracted the attention of free fire (FF) players as well as human users.

This Japanese-themed character was released on August 19, 2022 and is what players have been waiting for.

The Hayato Fire brand has arrived to welcome the Free Fire 3rd Anniversary event and Booyah Merdeka.

Both Hayatos do make a difference in appearance, down to their respective skills in FF.

Let’s see the difference between the two letters.

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Bushido Hay Hay Hay Human skills

Bushido Hay Hayato People play quite dangerously. Because he has passive skills. When blood is low, armor penetration increases.

To activate this passive skill, the player must Remaining HP is 10% of maximum HP. Yes, that’s right.

If you’re not good at shooting, you may die before you test Hayato’s skill, hehehe.

As Hayato’s skill level increases, the armor penetration received by the enemy increases in FF. With this, Hayato was able to defeat the enemy with a close call.

Hayato Fire Brand Skills

Hayato Firebrand’s Awakening has only discovered one skill level yet. Hay Hay Hay people Fire brand has a different play style from Hay Hay Hay people Bushido.

Hayato Firebrand has skills Art of BladeWhere can he do Reduces damage from enemies by 35% for 6 seconds, And has a 50 second cooldown.

Of course, the two characters play differently. Because Bushido needs to be played aggressively, the Firebrand gives players a chance to escape.

When the player shoots, the Hayato Firebrand skill is disabled.

What do you think about The Spinners? If you know their skills like this, what version of Hayato Hay people do you like?

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