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Esports began to be known by the public as a modern electronic sport. However, there are still many negative mindsets towards esports. The Indonesian esports ecosystem is very important in introducing esports to the wider community through the media. Therefore, a dialogue was held between the government and the media about esports.

Government Support in Building Indonesia’s Esports Ecosystem

Building an Indonesian Esports Ecosystem

Gatot S. Dewa Broto as Secretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, said that the government supports esports. He also said that the government was drafting regulations to build Indonesia’s esports ecosystem.

Stakeholders have given appreciation to esports, so that later the media will compete to discuss esports. This esports regulation plan will not disappear even if he changes cabinets, because President Jokowi has committed to continue President SBY’s commitment.

Esports Are Very Profitable For Society

Building an Indonesian Esports Ecosystem

According to Giring Ganesha as Chair of the Organizing Committee for the 2022 Esports President’s Cup, this esport is very profitable. Esports can open up new jobs, and new economic sources for the community. Even the current profits of the film industry and the music industry when combined still haven’t beat the esports industry.

Fickri Aulia who is an IOG Esports Athlete, the Free Fire Asia Invitonal 2022 champion also admitted that esports benefited. Fickri, who was originally a restaurant chef, likes to play the Free Fire game. He was ogled by the esports team and eventually won the world tournament. At first his parents were not supportive, but after seeing the income from esports they fully supported Fickri.

Esports in Indonesia

Building an Indonesian Esports Ecosystem

Indonesia is one of the largest esports markets in the world, according to Gary Ongko Putra as the owner of the BOOM ID esport team. However, he regrets that the media still only sees Indonesian esports as only mobile legends, even though esports is wider.

Indonesia is also the second largest market for mobile gaming after China. Mobile games are easy to play by anyone because of the smartphone specifications, the average person can play games. However, there are still many PC Game enthusiasts, because athletes and esports teams are still taking part in the PC world.

Indonesian Esports Ecosystem Problems

According to Gary Ongko, making visas for overseas tournaments in Indonesia is still difficult. Even though in some countries there are already visas for esports athletes. This needs to be addressed by the government.

Conventional media also admitted that they were confused about including this esport in the sports rubric. Esports is sometimes included in the entertainment section, life style and sadly into the crime section as well. Therefore, Gatot S. Dewa Broto stated that the government would convince the media and the public so that there would be recognition for esports in Indonesia.

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