Build Vale Sick 2022 | Items, Emblems & Spells

Build Vale Hurts 2022 – Vale is a hero in Mobile Legends with a role mage. This hero has high burst damage abilities and good crowd control effects. Uniquely, players can have an ability boost for damage or CC.

Well, for those of you who want to use Vale but don’t know the latest build item. Let’s check out the following recommendations for the sickest and strongest Vale build along with emblems for combat spells commonly used by top and professional global gamers.

Build Vale Sick in 2022

Build Vale Sick 2022 Top Global

Vale is a mage with a chest specialty, so the combination of the Clock of Fate and Lightning Bolt is the right choice. Then the Genius Wand and Divine Glaive increase penetration to penetrate the enemy’s defenses.

  • Arcane Boots: Increases Movement Speed ​​by 40 and 12 Magical Penetration.
  • Clock of Fate: Adds 60 magical power, 615 HP, and 600 mana. Inflicts 25 HP and 4 magical power every 20 seconds for up to 12 stacks. When the stack is full, Vale gains an additional 5% Magical Attack and 300 Mana.
  • Lightning stick: Increases 75 magical power, 300 mana and 10% cooldown reduction. Every 6 seconds, Vale’s next skill deals an additional 20-1000 magic damage to 3 nearby enemies. The damage scales with the hero’s maximum mana.
  • Genius wand: Grants 75 magic power, 5% movement speed, and 12 magic penetration. When Vale deals damage, reduces 2-9 magical power for 2 seconds, can stack up to 3 times.
  • Holy Crystals: 100 magical power added. This passive item increases the hero’s magical power by 21% to 35%.
  • Divine Glaive: Increases 65 Magical Power and 35% Magical Penetration. Each magic defense the opponent has increases the magic PEN by 0.1% when it deals damage, capped at 20%.

Vale emblem

Vale emblem
  • Custom magician: This emblem gives Vale increased magical power, additional movement speed for high magical penetration. The Magic Worship talent deals additional incendiary damage of 82-250 magic damage when it deals damage greater than 7% of the opponent’s maximum HP.

Battle magic valley

  • Flicker: Vale can teleport in a specific direction to avoid obstacles and then temporarily increase physical and magical defenses. This spell is highly recommended for Vale who do not have escape skills.
  • Flame shots: Throws a flame shot to inflict magical damage on the enemy, as well as a slow effect with sufficient range. When it hits a nearby enemy, Flame Shot gives a recoil effect.

Skill Valley

Passive valley – wind talk

When Vale reaches level 4/6/8 he can improve one of his skills.

Every time Vale receives a kill or assist, he is given a Windtalk stack (up to 10 stacks). Vale gains 8 movement speed points for each Windtalk stack.

Skill 1 Vale – Wind Blade

Vale unleashes two blades of wind, each dealing 250-450 (+ 80% total magical power) magic damage, for a total damage of 500-900 (+160% total magical power) magical damage.

Wind Blade: Scatter (Area of ​​Effect option)
The width of the effective area of ​​the two wind blades is significantly increased. The cooldown of this skill is also set to 3 seconds.

Wind Blade: Sorrow (Damage Increase Option)
The damage of both wind blades increases to 300 – 550 (+ 100% total magic power) magic damage.

Skill 2 Vale – Windblow

Vale sends hurricanes forward, dealing 410 – 610 (+ 80% total magic strength) magic damage and slowing enemies by 40% for 2 seconds.

Windblow: Control (option for crowd control effect)
Pressing Windblow will throw the enemy up for 1 second.

Gust of Wind: Fixed (Damage Increase Option)
Pressing gust of wind on enemies or monsters creates additional whirlwinds in their place for 2 seconds, slowing enemies by 40% and dealing 150-225 (+ 30% total magical power) magical damage that can continuously hit enemies up to 5 times.

Ultimate Valley Skill – Storm

Vale conjures a storm in a certain area. After 1.5 seconds the wind storm explodes and causes 800 – 1200 (+ 160% magic power) magic damage.

Windstorm: Gathering (Crowd Control Effect Option)
Windstorm continues to pull enemies into the center of its eye for 2 seconds before exploding.

Storm: Death (Damage Increase Option)
After 1.5 seconds, the windstorm explodes causing 1200 – 1800 (+ 240% total magical power) and reduces the enemy’s magical defense by 15 points.

Combo Skill Vale

  • Skill 2 -> Ultimate -> Skill 1
  • Ultimate -> Skill 2 -> Skill 1

Well, that’s the world’s best build item for 2022, along with all of the best emblems and battle spells. Of course, the above Vale build recommendations can still be customized to suit the opponent you are facing. Okay, that’s it for this article and I hope it’s useful.

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