Build Helcurt’s best items and spells and explanations

Helcurt is a guy hero Assassin with a specialist Cargo / explosion damage. Helcurt is a hero who has the power of darkness, he can swallow light and fly through the sky in no time at all. This power enables Helcurt to ambush enemies with deadly sneak attacks. In addition, Helcurt is also endowed with powers that are very dangerous to his enemies, an explanation here too Skills to build objects, and Combat spells that suits him.

I. Explanation of Helcurt’s Ability

Passive skills

away Passive skills it is Racing advantage. A goal that has a skill within 3 feet of it. used Shadowbringers is hit by Silance for 1 second when her skill gives way damage. This has an effect cooling down 3 seconds per target.

Ability 1

Ability 1 This is Shadow intoxication, In this skill, Helcurt will disappear and reappear in the location he specified, making 150 (+ 70% total) physical attack) Physical harm to the next opponent and give effect silence For 1.5 seconds. After using Dark night falls will also inflict an additional slow effect on the enemy for 1.5 seconds. This skill consumes 60 mana costs and have time cooling down for 10.0 seconds.

Ability 2

Next Skill 2 This is Deadly poisoned sting, if active: Helcurt will fire Deadly poisoned sting forward, and all Sting give 200 (+ 100% extra Physical attack) Physical harm (but if this skill is targeted at minions and forest monsters, you will only get 70% of the total damage) and causes a 12% slowing effect on the enemy (the effect can be changed) stack) for 3 seconds. If passive: all Basic attack will get one deadly poisoned sting. Can hold up to 5. get saved Sting. Sting can be saved for 8 seconds, after which it will slowly disappear. This skill consumes 70 mana costs and have time cooling down for 4.0 seconds.

Ability 3

And the last one is ultimate What name is Dark night falls if passive: this skill is increased Attack speed up to 10 %. And when active: Helcurt will spawn The nightwhereby all opposing heroes cannot see the whereabouts of friends team Helcurt and reduce their visibility for 3.5 seconds. And will improve too Attack speed is 10% and Speed ​​of movement up to 65% for 8 seconds. Deadly poisoned sting does not go away while this skill is activated (Dark Knight Falls has no effect on Helcurt when used by enemies). This ability has time cooling down for 60.0 seconds and consumes 120th mana Costs.

II. Build items Helcurt

And here are the recommendations Products the best most commonly used by the leading global helcurt:

III. Explanation of the Helcurt items

1. Boot assistant

Products The first thing recommended to buy is Wizard boots, because this item adds +300 HP in addition to +40 movement speed and even better, this item offers an additional 80 gold for Helkurt when assisting friends.

2. Blade of Despair

Products The next one is Blade of Despair, there Products it becomes +170. give physical attack, + 10% Attack speed and also when the enemy is hit numb, Products it will add damage at 10%. So will Lancelot have damage which hurts even more.

3. Wind speaker

Products third is Wind announcer, because this article adds + 25% Attack speed, +20 Speed ​​of movement, + 20% Crit. chance. And the unique passive of this item is: after giving 4 Basic attack against the enemy, attack the next increases by 100 magical damage to 3 opponents and after that Speed ​​of movement helcurt will temporarily increase by 5%.

4. Rose gold meteor

Next buy recommendation Rose gold meteor, Products this gives +60 physical attack, +30 Magical RES, + 5% Robbery of life and passive unique from Products When Helcurt’s blood is less than 30%, a shield will appear that absorbs damage between 510-1350 and increases accordingly level.

5. Endless struggle

Products The next one is endless battles, there Products this adds +65. added physical attack, +25 mana regeneration, +250 HP, + 10% Cooldown Reduction, + 5% Speed ​​of movement, + 15% Robbery of life, and Products it has a unique passive in the form of: after Helcurt spends a skill, attack next will increase damage up to 85% like real harm, but this effect has time cooling down by 1.5 seconds. And if the previous effect is active, it will be added Speed ​​of movement up to 15%.

6. Melefish roar

And what is recommended to buy is Melefish roar, This article adds +60. added physical attack, + 40% physical PEN, and the good Products it will reduce Defense armor Enemies up to 20%, so it is very suitable for Helcurt to displace enemy towers.

NS. Battle spells for Helcurt

For combat spells, it is then recommended to use stun so that if you ambush and attempt to attack the targeted target, the target cannot run and immediately die when attacked by Helcurt.

Hopefully this tutorial will expand your knowledge so that you can continually win whether you are playing alone or with your friends.

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