Build Harley Mobile Legends Used by BTR Branz in MPL ID S7

GridGames.ID – A surprise came from one of the Bigetron Alpha roster, Branz, in the first week of the MPL ID Season 7.

The reason is, the main core of Bigetron Alpha ispick Harley, his flagship agile Mage hero.

Branz didn’t really have a good chance when playing Harley on the first day of MPL ID S7 when he faced Genflix Aerowolf.

He’s taking too many risks when it seems he’s taking a lot of steps to pickoff one by one the opponent’s hero.

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However, who would have thought that against EVOS Legends on the second day, Harley from Branz managed to come out as MVP with 8 kills, 5 assists and 1 death.

Branz and his team, Bigetron Alpha, are seen playing pickoff which is so neat mid until late game against the White Tiger.

Use skills This timely and objective approach can bring victory to the team and now Bigetron Alpha is at the top of the standings.

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The grid, the Harley used by Branz uses a Retribution-type Battle Spell and a “Mystery Shop” Mage Set Emblem.

Well, for those of you who want to play the Harley hero so that GG is like Branz, you can check out the BTR Branz version of the hurt Harley build on the next page, OK!


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