Build Champion Akshan in LoL Wild Rift, More Agile Hard to Target!

Champion Akshan at LoL Wild Rift


Champion Akshan at LoL Wild Rift

GridGames.ID – Akshan is the latest champion released for League of Legends: Wild Rift.

The character with the basic role of Assassin and Marksman, has an advantage in terms of speed.

Therefore, Akshan is often used by players who have fast-hand mechanics.

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Akshan’s 2nd skill called Avererang allows him to throw a boomerang attack whose damage can increase every time it hits the enemy and increases movement-speed.

Skill 3 called Going Rogue is able to make it able to revive one allied champion champion.

Then there is skill 3 called Heroic Swing, making it able to throw a hook to swing around the location.

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His ultimate, called Comeuppance, is able to make him lock the champion and give 5 shots for 3 seconds.

This skill is considered capable of executing enemies who have a dying HP that is not within their reach.


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