Build Argus’ best items and spells and explanations

Argus is a hero type fighter with a specialist Cargo / burst damage. Argus looks like a scary demon killer, he is famous as a hero who cannot die because of his skills ultimate what can do with it fallen Angel, in this mode he is immune to death. Besides skills ultimateargus is also endowed with capabilities to aid it as a fighter, here is the explanation.

I. Explanation of Argus’ ability

Passive skills

away passive skills her name is Warmongers, in this skill when Argus receives or gives damage, demonic bladehis (sword name Argus) will gain power. The lower the rest mobile argus, the faster the process goes charge the sword when it wascharge fully, Basic attack The next Argus will quickly make two attacks at once.

Ability 1

Next Skill 1 called demonic grips, In this skill, Argus will reach out the devil’s hand in the desired direction and give 175 (+ 200% extra) physical attack) physically damage on the opponent’s hero who is hit and moves behind the target, then he can take a quick stab at the opponent and inflict 125 (+ 60% more) physical attack) physical harm. If it doesn’t hit the enemy hero, it will pull itself to this place. So this skill is very well suited for fleeing or hunting down dying enemies. This ability has time cooling down For 12.5 seconds.

Ability 2

Ability 2 belongs to Argus named Meteor swords, after argus charge briefly he attacks the opponent with his sword and gives 400 (+ 150% in total physical attack) physical harm and makes the opponent bleed for 5 seconds. The enemy affected by this bloody effect leaves a trail of blood, the Speed ​​of movement in addition to argus when argus through the blood trail. This ability has time cooling down for 10.0 seconds.

Ability 3

And the last one is ultimate skills her name is eternal evil In this skill, Argus changes to fallen Angel which makes Argus immune to death for 5 seconds and charges instantly demonic blade (his sword) once. 100% of damage obtained while this skill is active is changed to mobile argus after this effect wears off. This ability has time cooling down for 80.0 seconds

II. Build items Argus

Below are the best items that are widely used by the leading global Argus:

III. Explanation of the Argus items

1. Haas’ Claw

The first recommended article is Haas’ clawbecause this item +70. gives physical attack, + 20% Robbery of life, and how good is this article when mobile drops below 40%, the hero receives an additional 10% Robbery of life physically. This item was initially purchased Games give extra Robbery of life as well as damage Argus.

2. Warrior boots

Next comes the footwear item, namely Warrior bootswhat +22. results armor and has the uniqueness of adding Speed ​​of movement from +40. The passive physical defense increases by 5 from the attack received to an increase of 25 points that lasts up to 3 seconds.

3. Berserker’s rage

The third is Berserker’s rage, because this article gives + 25% critical chance, +65 physical attack, + 40% critical damage and the unique passive of this item is that it increases physical attack 5% for 2 seconds. This article will add a little too Robbery of life.

4. Wind speaker

Next can buy Wind announcer, This item gives + 25% Attack speed, +20 Speed ​​of movement, + 20% critical chance, and its unique passive is: after Blow Enemy 4 times, Basic attack next becomes 100. give magical damage to 3 enemies, and also Speed ​​of movement Argus will temporarily increase 5%.

5. Scarlet Phantom

The next point is Scarlet Phantom, this article gives +30 physical attack, + 40% Attack speed, + 10% critical chance, this item’s unique passive is: if Argus succeeds Critical Hits Enemy, Attack speed argus increases by 25% and chance /Random review by 5%, for 2 seconds.

6. Desperate Blade

And the last one is Blade of Despairbecause it is +170. adds physical attack, + 10% Attack speed and if the enemy is affected by an effect (like stun, freeze, etc) it offers an additional one damage at 10%. So Argus will have damage which hurts even more.

NS. Battle spells for Argus

to Combat spells Can use to inspire or Rage because it increases the attack speed of Argus, so it is very easy to kill enemies and steal enemy towers. And these spells really support his ultimatum.

Hopefully this tutorial will add to your knowledge so that you can keep winning whether you are playing alone or with your friends.

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